The studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
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The Process

These textiles are hand-woven on an 8-harness Cranbrook Bexell and a jack loom in the AW studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, using a selection of exceptional cotton, linen, silk, alpaca, wool and mohair yarns, sourced from small-production yarn suppliers.

Each piece is conceived and created with a deep love of the hand and its labor: of the quotidian, tradition, experimentation and utility.
The intersection of the warp with the weft dictates the weave structure of the fabric. I wind thousands of threads, many yards at a time, onto the loom. These threads are passed into tiny heddles on each shaft to maintain the order of the threads in the pattern, and then tied onto the cloth beam. The process of dressing the loom is meditative and takes many hours. This step requires great attention, as it will allow an easy weaving process and good tension, paramount to quality cloth. At this point, the act of weaving may begin. I weave long panels, one warp at a time. Once all the threads have been interwoven until the end of the warp, the cloth is cut off the loom.

Based on my knowledge of the materials and my intuition about the final piece, most are colored with natural dyes, by boiling natural materials in water to extract their essential colors. Each panel is dyed separately and then gently washed by hand, so as to not disturb the wool by agitation, and then dried flat. Finally, I finish each piece by hand, stitching multiple panels together and either hemming or twisting fringes.

Small irregularities are to be expected with such a complex manual process and define the beautiful nature of the hand made. I see these as unique characteristics, giving life to each textile.